Thursday, March 19, 2015

Goodman Ceramic Studio

Yes, so we planned early before hand on what we wanted to do on the Valentines' day
ditched the normal movie and shopping

Took a taxi down to Goodman Ceramic Studio !

So I booked this before hand to have a good experience with clay work

Tools all ready for us

Mug made in advance by the teacher

after some explanation, we started to do our own Mug

Boyfriend doing well and helped me make the handle for my mug because I was quite bad at it ;x

Concentrating to get my handle stick on to the mug

made some shapes and stick it on the mug

after that was painting time

here is my own creation for the mug

After a few coats of painting 

I actually made a heart and placed it inside
looking awesome in there right

Oh, and I bend the mug a little to make it a heart shape mug instead of the boring circle

finally done productions of our own made mug

Must take photos of course 

So apparently, we need to let it dry then the teacher will gloss and burn the mug for us 
only can collect after 1 month !

It was a really good experience, hands on doing mug together
A great place to go for dating or make presents for your boyfriend / girlfriend !
For this session, I paid for S$55 per pax for an 2 hours session 

Bad points: too far
Good points: provide shapes and sizes to make our mug, teacher was nice, awesome bonding session

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day trip at Chinatown to hunt for Food

Blk 335 Smith Street for Raw Fish and porridge

Blk 335 Smith Street for Dessert
Standard dropped too much
The dessert just so watery

Blk 335 Smith street for Nonya Food
Food was super cold
very disappointed with it

Hong Lim Food Centre Blk 531A Upper Cross Street
Wanton noodles and chicken wings
1 word = excellent

Hong Lim Food Centre Blk 531A Upper Cross Street
Fruit Juice Mee Siam
A little weird for me
Not fancy  about this

Hong Lim Food Centre Blk 531A Upper Cross Street
Mango dessert which is super fresh and fruity

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Boomf marshmallow - Valentines' Day present

I came across this website which sells customized marshmallow 
So I decided to order and give it to boyfriend as a Valentines' day gift 

I love it because it is free shipping plus you get to select your own photos 
and also a customized card

It comes in 9 pieces of marshmallow
choose 9 different photos
*tips: find those with clear and bright background !

You can keep it for 6 months if unsealed !
Boyfriend said I should stop buying things that he can't bear to eat 

Friday, March 6, 2015

- Busy -

- currently unavailable - 
rushing to complete my assignments while eating my minion biscuits
till then, miss me maybe?