Monday, February 23, 2015

Japan Tokyo Day 7 - Mt Fuji and Hakone Day Trip

Tokyo Day 7

It was our anniversary. I made plans that day to go to sight seeing at the mount fuji
Before flying to Tokyo, at Ion Orchard JTB which caters to Japan tours
We book 1 day trip for their Mt Fuji and Hakone Tour.
It cost 13000yen per pax
Payment to make on the spot and we paid for S$298 for 2 pax including lunch and coach transport
somemore pick up from our hotel although drop off at shinjuku station

So at 7.50am, the coach came to pick us up from our hotel
After abouot 30mins, we reached the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal to change bus which will then bring us to our destination.

the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal  was a bit chaotic and confusing. After we make our attendance from the counter, I went to the toilet (of course crowded as expected)
when I came out, boyfriend and I were lost?
We were not sure where our bus was located at
luckily there are staffs around guiding!!! if not we will miss our bus 

On our way with an English speaking tour guide

First stop, they brought us to the Fuji visitor centre

We were only given a very short period of time to loiter around
what I meant short is really very short !
like 20mins?

Just kept snapping photos before the time runs out

We were so hungry that we got no time to buy food from the shop ):

Back to the bus to continue our journey

We are at the Mt Fuji 1st station
usually, they will bring you to the 5th station but due to the weather season, the place was closed.
30mins given
spam photos time

After that we headed for lunch at a nearby hotel (included in the package)

food wasn't that bad

Along the way, you will see mount fuji

Our tour guide teaching us how to fold this traditional hat

 the Lake Ashi Cruise

We were giving some time to shop in the souvenir shop while waiting for the boat ride

Bought a Mount Fuji Cider for 540yen = S$8.35 and some other snacks

while waiting to on board the cruise

And we reached Hakone-en

We took the cable car ride up  to the mountain top

View was amazing and the weather was freezing cold
the guide told us that the temperature was -1 -.-

The funniest part.... we took the wrong route up to the hut ):
sad !!!!

But still we get to see the amazing view of Mt Fuji

Gave up half way because we got no time left

we ordered black eggs
and they said that eat 1 egg = additional 7 years life

The beautiful sunset

And we depart Hakone ):
Time flies real quick
the journey back to Shinjuku Tokyo was a torture because the journey is so far can !!!!

So loots I bought were the Mt Fuji stones XD

The tour alighted us at Shinjuku Station and we made our way back to hotel.
We bought KFC along the way which cost us 1690yen = S$19.88
which I did not take a photo of it. When you go overseas, you just crave for local food

Not a bad sight seeing trip although the time given at each station was super SHORT !
I wish I got more time to shop ;x
If you have more days there, you can actually stay there for 2days and enjoy it with Osen Osen
sigh I did not get to try Osen Osen ):

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