Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Japan Tokyo Day 9,10,11 - Shibuya , Harajuku

The last few days of the trip is always the most sad moment because you know you are heading back soon and you are low in cash


Time just flies too fast sometimes

Anyway here are the last 3 days in Tokyo Japan where I went back to Harajuku because I did not buy enough clothes yet

Did not take a photo of my crepe because I ws too excited to try it
for some reason, it tasted so good can
I had the crepe which cost 530yen = S$6.24

Tamagotchi shop which we came across 
and they sell really cute donuts
We played the lucky dip again with 500yen, draw a lot and you get to win something
oh well, lady luck not on us...
we won a picnic mat which is so small and like plastic
well, better than nothing...

The crowded Harajuku over the weekends

We wanted to try this cafe which we found in one of the alley in Harajuku but the Q just too long for us

Headed to Craftholic Store at Harajuku

Here is my buys:
Lunch box


Small craftholic

also bought a blanket hoodie for my girlfriend

Total was 7668yen  = S$90.21

Boyfriend wanted to get a pair of shoes, so we headed to sports lab
Photo credit:Google

And whe got this pair of gorgeous Nike for 17280yen
So pretty right?

In Shibuya, the first thing I wanted to do is....
Take photo with this ! Hachiko !
If you don't know Hachiko... please go and google then
watch the movie it is nice !!!!

Experienced the Shibuya crossing

Disney store at Shibuya 

Bought tsum tsum (mini) 540yen = S$6.35 for my friends and
 these hook ear-rings at 1620yen = S$19.06 

So pretty, I know ;p

Headed to Parco, wanted to have Hello Kitty Cafe for lunch
but the shop have not even open and the Q was already crazy long 

spotted Commes Play Shop
Photo credit: Google

Bought a couple tee with boyfriend. I wonder why girl or is it guy more expensive -.-
5900yen and 6100yen

Bought for my brother too as well
did not get to take photo of the other piece but my eldest brother have been wearing it well because I almost see him wearing every single day 

I am a good sister right?

random lunch

Source  very long to find the stockings I have been looking for
and finally found it randomly 
Left: 277yen
Right: 477 yen 
total with 8% tax 814yen = S$9.58

Headed back to Shinjuku
Bought some snacks from this shop, some snacks are are selling cheaper than the drug store

Oh and my favourite 
Turning for all the balls

So many choices and love their toys so much!
It is just so cute!!!!

random sushi we bought from a random restaurant

watermelon juice which taste just so nice that I regret getting 1 only and it is only 100yen...
what !!!!

Last day, headed to view the free scenery again because I wanted to get some magnets for Wiwi and Nazri

Narita Airport, super simple
spam Tokyo Banana like crazy that we had a hard time carrying all the stuffs ):
I was so grumpy that I have to carry all these up the plane 

Snacks which I bought which cost mostly 100yen to 200yen

Random toy I bought just because I like sailormoon ;x

Charms I bought in the few temples 
loving it and have been carrying it around 

24P 1620yen

Curry noodles is a must buy in Japan Tokyo
Mine is the bigger size for 150yen

Miffy Cup noodles for 100yen

Special Kit Kat Chocolates which is so costly !!!!!!

Tokyu Hands Umbrella 
1080yen each = S$12.71 each
Super light weight

Laudree Cosmetics 

I bought these because it is just so prettyyyyyyyy

Dior lip experts duo from inflight purchase because I got a free  $50 voucher from mom

contact lens drop 468yen

2000yen excluding 8% tax

The end! too lazy to type anymore because I need to rush for another assignment
but typing these makes me miss Japan suddenly
Osaka next !

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