Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tokyo Trip Day 3 - Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree

Waking up early in the morning to start our day early
We had Sushi roll almost every single morning
We bought it from 7-11 for 100 yen each
 it was really tasty

We always start our day early because the train map in Tokyo makes us really mad and we could even get lost in the station for hours 
Yes I know we can just ask strangers the way but because we start our day during their peak working hours
every one was rushing for work
it is really hard to stop someone to ask for direction
but luckily there are train masters around but sometimes there is long Q of tourists taking turn to ask the Train masters
While waiting for the train
sometimes 1 track can have more than 4 different types of trains coming
from normal, to semi-express to express
Tell me how can it not be confusing!!!

But nevertheless, we did not really get lost except for once
not bad already XD

this is how the train tickets look like
oh actually you can buy a suica card from the station machine
(before we found out how to use the machine to buy, we are already half way in our trip so we didn't get the card)

So here we are at Asakusa for our Day 3 in Tokyo
This place was my must go list 
my first priority
because I just love to visit temples and shrines whenever I go travel. Learning different culture can be really interesting
*I am a free thinker, by the way

After a short walk from the train station, here we are at Asakusa

Amazing entrance
It looked the same 10+ years back

Now you know why selfie stick is important when you got short arms like mine ):

Once you enter, you see this whole rows of shops
where they sell from food to praying charms to toys and bags

We stopped to try this peanuts with mochi 

It was sticky but luckily it never stuck to my braces

Next shop
We had Ice-Cream in between biscuits
Nothing special though

We also had this freshly made crackers
Not that bad but boyfriend find in not fascinating enough

Along the way, bought a few charms for myself.
I love collecting temple charms

Temple time
First you need to wash your hands and mouth before entering the temple for praying

The water was super cold can

Bought some joss sticks for praying which cost I think 100yen or 200yen

Trying to light up my joss stick

After standing there for minutes
get to place my joss stick

Fanning the smoke towards myself 
they said it brings luck? 

Proceeding into the temple

Threw in 100yen to get a chance to shake the bottle

Praying sincerely while shaking the bottle
When the stick is out, there will be a number.
Look for your number at the drawers and take the piece of paper. 

I got a bad luck pray so I tied it on this wires so that the bad luck won't come with me

Walked out and prayed again

Finally I got a Good Luck for my prayer


After a few times, boyfriend got it too

After that, we walked to the Tokyo Skytree (facing the temple, on your right)

Yes the Tokyo Skytree is near Asakusa

Walking pass all these houses

And finally we are in Tokyo Skytree
The entrance fees look kind of expensive but since I already have a free view on the first day, I gave it a miss

My main purpose to be here... is to take a look at the structure as well as...
visit the Moomin House Cafe
There was like about 4 groups ahead of us
It was really cold to wait outside
the staff provided us towel to keep us warm
how sweet

Here we had a cup of latte together with a Moomin design
they let you choose what design you want !

Main dish where you can choose the rice design as well

Desserts which comes with a free Moomin plate to bring home !

The staff will walk around and place Moomin soft toy beside you so that you can take photo with it

The main dish was 1430 yen
The dessert with free plate was 2000 yen

Total: 3704yen (inclusive of tax) = estimate S$42.50

complimentary dessert

Walked around Tokyo Skytree where you can get limited edition Tokyo Banana there

Passed by Samantha Thavasa Store where they sell snacks

The pictures so cute to resist

Of course I bought 1

I had this for 400yen which is about S$4.50

Here is the limited edition Banana Tokyo which I bought at Tokyo Skytree
I bought the Mont Blanc Cake from Ginza 4pcs for 483yen
Chocolate Banana Cream 4pcs for 515yen

The chocolate one was nice though. I repeat only Tokyo Skytree have these

If you want the Original and Caramel flavours, you can get it at a lot of places including train station, malls and even Narita Airport