Monday, August 24, 2015


KFC Singapore is the leader in the chicken segment in the Singapore Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. This is possible because rooted to its cores are simple but real values that allow KFC to offer only the best to its customers.
  • Captivating aroma that triggers your senses
  • A satisfying feast of hearty, mouth watering food specially prepared with the Colonel's secret recipe
  • Generous portions of fresh, succulent side dishes

KFC Gold standard qualities guarantee chicken that is so good

Eating right from an early age and maintaining it though good nutritional practices throughout life will build up one's body resistance and immune system. It helps in achieving an improved quality of life for a longer span of life. Thus, it is important to make the right choices when choosing your food.

This time round, they are introducing the battle of KFC Wings
Jap? or Korean?

Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, these juicy wings are cooked to crispy perfection and coated in two bold flavours 

Limited time offer. Not available at KFC Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and for KFC Delivery. 

1) The tangy yet savoury Umadare #kfcoishii
Definitely a choice for those who loves Japanese food. 
It has a taste of Japanese flavoring in it. 
Oishii umadare wing !

2) The Sweet and spicy Yang Yeum #kfcmashisoyo
On the other hand, this is my winner choice !
 I love how spicy it is !
It is really hot but bearable for those who can take spicy !
'mashisoyo Yangyuem wing !


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Soufeel jewellery


this is my first time ordering from Soufeel
I got attracted with the Memorable Charm

Anyway I ordered the charms on 19 July
the shipment started on 22 July and arrived at my door step on 25 July

It came with a free gift box (additional charges for extra gift box)

here are the items I ordered

From left to right: Flower cube charm, Heart Charm and Live Love Laugh Charm

Turn to other side, it has my customized photos on the charms
So pretty and unique right?
(Note: choose a clearer and brighter background so that the photo on the charm is more clearer)

Anyway the price of these charms are as followed;
Flower charm USD $19.95
Heart Charm USD$19.95
Live Love Laugh USD$19.95

I placed it nicely on my Pandora bracelet

Because  I spent more than USD$50 so I got 
which is a heart shape ring

anyway I spent a total of USD$67.84 which includes the Express Shipping of USD$7.99
you can opt for the cheaper shipping
I chose this because I cannot wait for it to arrive and since I spent more than USD$50, I want to play safe so I took the more expensive shipping and furthermore the shipment was real fast and it comes straight to my doorstep.

Now I cannot wait to order more of these charms :D

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Selfie Coffee Cafe Singapore

11 Haji Lane

So I have been waiting to go to the Selfie Coffee over at Malaysia but now I am so happy they are now in Singapore
located at the beautiful street in Haji Lane 

Because we reached there late so the shop was about to close
We managed to order 2 cold drinks (takeaway)

I will return again to check out the chillax sitting area

I wanted to send them my photo because I wasn't in my best form (yes no makeup and shag face) but the staff said to have the best quality photo is to take on the spot.

Oh well.....
so here you go~

I cannot remember what I had and the price because this was months ago. I will update again when I re-visit it with my boy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

London Fat Duck

6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square

The Menu

Egg tarts comes in 3 pieces
super love this ! compare to Hong Kong, not the best but still it is delicious till I wish for more

My friend had the Wanton Noodles
She said the wanton was nice 

I had this Pig's liver noodles (dry)
The pig liver was fresh and fat but the noodles were too over dry

The signature roast duck 
Thumbs up for this because the duck was really fat and juicy ! meat was tender good as well !

***Note: avoid peak hours because the crowds are really crazy especially over the weekends (waiting time can be 2 hours)

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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Color Run 2015 is coming to Singapore

Yes finally the wait...  It's coming to Singapore in about 1 week time.

My past experience with the color run singapore
The Color Run Singapore 2013
The Color Run Singapore 2014

For those who are interested to know the 2015 price list for their merchandise items this year, here you go...
Unicorn soft toy is here again at a price of S$15
Shades at S$10
Headband (reversible) S$5 in black/white, pink/lime green, purple/pink